Consultancy: Data Gathering for Waste Analysis and Characterization (Philippines)

The “Alliance + ICLEI Developing Plastic Waste-Free Cities” programme is looking for a consultant to help generate comprehensive data on the quantity and composition of solid wastes generated from various sources in Iloilo City, Philippines.


This consultancy is intended to cover the following:

A. Preparation and Training

  1. Coordinate relevant government and non-government offices to properly administer the activities
  2. Finalize the identification and preparation of the following, in consultation with the Iloilo City LGU and ICLEI:
    • Sampling locations based on the identified waste generators in the municipality (See Annex A in the Terms of Reference linked at the end of the post for the list of identified waste generators.)
    • Finalize sampling schedule and work plan
  3. Understand and enhance capacities on the standard operating procedures (SOP) and WACS methodology to be employed
  4. Prepare and acquire tools, materials, and other necessary resources
  5. Identify laboratory facilities which can conduct physical and chemical characterization (See Annex A in the Terms of Reference linked at the end of the post for the list of parameters) for 5 samples of plastic waste
  6. Orient community stakeholders

B. Conduct of on-ground characterization and quantification of wastes, particularly plastic wastes

  1. Characterize and quantify wastes from different point sources
  2. Collect waste samples to be forwarded to a laboratory for chemical analysis
  3. Secure results of laboratory analysis

C. Data Processing and Analysis

  1. Consolidate and conduct post-processing of data
  2. Submit report containing results and analysis

D. Produce detailed activity and financial report


The short-term consultancy shall start by 5 October 2020 (earliest) and end by 10th November 2021. The consultancy shall be done in Iloilo City with the guidance of ICLEI SEAS and in close coordination with the City Government of Iloilo.


  1. A firm or local individual consultant is eligible to apply for this consultancy.
  2. Individual consultants must have at least a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, development studies, urban planning, statistics, or other related fields. A Master’s degree or further studies on the environment, waste management, urban planning, or sustainable development would be an advantage.
  3. Firms must be legal entities in the Philippines and are composed of individuals with a background as mentioned in the preceding bullet.
  4. The consultant should have a minimum of 5-years of work experience or research related to waste management. Preferably, prior experience in the conduct of Waste Analysis and Characterization, and engaging with local stakeholders (e.g., household, formal and informal waste pickers, recyclers, etc).
  5. The consultant must be knowledgeable with the Philippines’ waste management scenario, policies, and programs;
  6. Excellent presentation as well as oral and written communication skills; and
  7. Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications and tools/software relevant to this project.
  8. Fluency in Ilonggo (preferred), Tagalog, and English languages.


Interested individuals/firms are requested to apply before 28 September 2021 by sending the following documents to Russel James Andrade via email address

  1. Expression of Interest and confirmation of availability for the consultancy’s duration;
  2. Latest CV (if an individual); one-page company profile and CVs of team members (if firm);
  3. Written technical and financial proposal (methodology, budget, and work plan corresponding with the required deliverables);
  4. A two-page summary outlining relevant previous work engagements in relation to this consultancy. Previous work engagement must be supported with a proof, e.g. project agreement, certificate of completion, website or news article, or project report.

Access the full Terms of Reference HERE.

For any queries, please contact ICLEI SEAS via or through mobile number (+63) 917-623-2618.

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