Our Services


In the realization of ICLEI SEAS’ advocacy to localize and implement sustainable solutions, it provides an extensive range of services to members and other local governments interested in its programs and projects. Among ICLEI SEAS services include:

  • Building institutional capacities of local governments (cities, municipalities, island communities) to devise and implement customized solutions to local sustainability issues particularly in the themes of resilience, water and sanitation, low emission development, and biodiversity;
  • Supporting and mentoring local governments in climate change action planning through:
    • Adaptation: Conduct of urban systems analysis as well as vulnerability and risk assessments
    • Mitigation: Establishment of baseline GHG emissions and development of low carbon strategies
    • Provision of technical assistance in mainstreaming disaster risk reduction,    climate change adaptation, and low-emission development into local planning processes
  • Linking local governments with regional and international platforms and advocacies for better recognition and uptake of local sustainability initiatives;
  • Connecting local governments with experts, academic institutions, financing institutions, and other development partners to catalyse implementation of local programs and activities;
  • Facilitating vertical integration through strong engagement with national governments to ensure synergies of local and sub-national efforts;
  • Organizing peer-to-peer learning activities and other knowledge exchange platforms (including trainings, study tours, workshops, and conferences);
  • Conducting researches and quick studies on various sustainability themes;
  • Developing knowledge products including newsletters, case studies, policy brief, guidebooks  and technical papers;
  • Program and project design and management; and
  • Consultancy services on sustainability issues .