[DEADLINE EXTENDED] Consultancy: Senior Climate Change Mitigation Expert (Vietnam)

Our office is looking for a national expert on developing the targets and the implementation plan of the local climate change action plan (City Promise) of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Terms of Reference for the Expert

The project requires the services of a national expert in reviewing the relevant project outputs and the city’s plans, pertinent policies and papers, as well as, in consulting other stakeholders and the citizens to finalize the draft of the City Promise of Hanoi City, particularly on setting GHG reduction targets, action plan, and responsibility of the stakeholders, following the guidelines of ICLEI, Hanoi City, and IKI (International Climate Initiative).

In developing and finalizing the City Promise of Hanoi, the expert is expected to ensure that the said draft is characterized as ambitious, inclusive, cross-cutting, actionable, and measurable and verifiable. In particular, the national expert is expected to:

  • Provide a comprehensive review of initial project results and relevant planning and policy documents of the city to enhance the draft City Promise of Hanoi and detailed recommendations on GHG reduction targets and action plan to meet these targets
  • Facilitate consultations with relevant stakeholder groups – city government, businesses, CSOs/NGOs, academe, community organizations, youth groups, women’s groups, elderlies, persons-with-disabilities – to gain consensus on the City Promise of Hanoi to be adopted
  • Complete and finalize the City Promise of Hanoi which shall be endorsed to the City Council for deliberation and approval
  • Recommend a measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) plan of the City Promise of Hanoi to be executed by the city government.

Scope of Work

First Draft of the City Promise of Hanoi

  • Desk review of the project outputs and the city’s relevant plans, studies, policies, papers, as well as, the results of citizen engagement activities held and pertinent national plans/policies;
  • Gap analysis and assessment; and
  • Review and finalize the draft City Promise of Hanoi, providing the city-level GHG emissions reduction targets, action plans and the roles of relevant stakeholder groups to achieve that goal.

Consultation for Comments and Feedback; Preparation of a Second Draft of the City Promise of Hanoi

  • Develop additional guidelines for consultations, where appropriate and applicable, to level-off discussions and obtain consensus on the City Promise of Hanoi characterized as ambitious, inclusive, cross-cutting, actionable, measurable and verifiable;
  • Identify relevant and priority stakeholder groups based on initial project results and in close consultation with the city government, and subsequently organize and facilitate at least two (2) consultations with representatives of said relevant and priority stakeholder groups (technical experts, citizens, government officials) to solicit comments and feedback on the First draft of the City Promise of Hanoi and to complete a Second draft of the City Promise of Hanoi; and
  • Finalize a Second draft of the City Promise of Hanoi based on the consultation process.

Support in the Submission and obtaining approval of the 2nd draft of the City Promise of Hanoi by the City Government

  • Support to complete all the related documents required for, and in support of, the submission of 2nd draft of the City Promise of Hanoi to the City Government;
  • Support the ICLEI Vietnam Team to comply with the approval process of the city government, especially in preparing other relevant supporting documents that may be required by the City Government; and
  • Revise and supplement the draft (if necessary) according to the comments of the City Government.

Finalize the City Promise of Hanoi and related documents including a recommendation for an MRV plan for the City government

  • Revise and finalize the City Promise of Hanoi incorporating comments and feedback on the 2nd draft; and
  • Propose a Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) plan of the City Promise of Hanoi for the City Government.

Support for the implementation of Hanoi’s Pilot Projects

  • Support the ICLEI Vietnam Team in the implementation of two pilot projects in Hanoi (small-scale infrastructure, behavioral change intervention measure) by providing comments and recommendations on the technical feasibility of implementation activities to ensure consistency with the achievement of project goals; and
  • Provide assessment and recommendations for possible scale-up of the pilot projects and inclusion to the City Promise based on implementation results and milestones.

Service Provider Requirements

The successful service provider must be/have:

  • A local individual consultant with advanced degree in environmental science/management, urban and regional planning, communication, development studies, or other relevant degrees; or a combination of relevant education and experience
  • At least 8 years of experience in climate change mitigation, green growth, and/or Low-Emissions Development Strategy. An expertise in GHG quantification and management is preferred;
  • Demonstrated experience in scientific-based analysis and policy consultation;
  • Experience of working with local authorities, communities, NGOs and other local actors in the context of climate change/green growth;
  • Have good ability to collect and synthesize information to develop local climate action plan;
  • Demonstrated ability to develop effective citizen and stakeholder mobilization and engagement strategies;
  • Fluent in English, both verbal and written; and
  • Excellent presentation as well as oral and written communication skills.

Additionally, advantageous criteria for prospective service providers include:

  • Prior work experience with the authority(es) of Hanoi City, and communities situated in Hanoi City;
  • Prior work with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability; and
  • Flexibility and a shared vision for the project outcome are essential, since the work will
    be undertaken in close cooperation with project team members.

Requirements for the Proposal

Interested individuals should send the following documents in English:

  • Expression of Interest and Confirmation of Availability for the Consultancy’s Duration
  • A quote with a budget (based on a daily rate) and time frame per task corresponding with the required deliverables.
  • Detailed and latest CV.

The service provider may not sub-contract other parties to assist them.

Closing date for submission of proposal

Kindly submit your proposal and supporting documents via e-mail to Mr. Al Bernarte at al.bernarte@iclei.org, copied to Ms. Hoang Thi Huong Giang at giang.hoang@iclei.org before 04:00 PM (Vietnamese time) on May 15, 2020. Any queries related to submissions may be directed to Mr. Bernarte at the the e-mail address above or ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat at +843 99 033 866. The expert is expected to commence work in mid-May 2020.

Read the full Terms of Reference here.

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