Asia LEDS Forum and Asia-Pacific Forum 2017 – Save The Date

Be part of the Asia LEDS Forum and Asia Pacific Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation this December 5-6 at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

The ALP Forum 2017 will showcase a multitude of tools, methodologies, implementation frameworks and success stories from the region, contributing to the achievement of country NDCs (Nationally Determined Contribution). The relevance and importance of, and means to achieve transparency in NDC implementation and monitoring will be discussed at the Forum. Sub-national Integration and benefits for accelerating implementation of NDC goals is a key feature topic. Cities and Regions will benefit from dialogues and discussions on financing and implementing low emission infrastructure.

RCAP 2017 follows the 1st Asia-Pacific Forum organised in Bangkok in February 2015 and the 2nd Asia Pacific Forum organised in Melaka Malaysia in March 2016. Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific series provides an Asia-Pacific platform for urban resilience and climate change adaptation where dialogues are conducted to forge partnerships, with the ultimate goal of identifying implementable solutions and creating lasting impacts for cities in the region.

Registration for these events is now open! Please click the following links if you wish to register:

Asia LEDS Forum 2017:

RCAP 2017:

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