Probolinggo City, ID hosts media visit; showcases sustainability initiatives

(in photo above) The media visit delegates visiting the Pilang climate village program in Probolinggo City.

’21-’22 One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) finalist Probolinggo City on 30 August to 1 September 2022 hosted a media visit attended by WWF – Indonesia, the ICLEI Indonesia Office, and the winning journalists from the Accelerating the Achievement of Low Carbon and Climate Resilience Development Targets media workshop.

The visit served to promote Probolinggo’s climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

A media representative interviews one of the officers at a mangrove conservation site.

Led by the Probolinggo Environmental Agency (DLH), the delegates visited the city’s Pilang climate village program and its urban farming activities. Other initiatives highlighted include mangrove conservation and restoration in Permata Beach; the conversion of tofu waste to methane gas for cooking; and turning other organic waste into fertilizer to be sold to the community, urban farmers, and traditional farmers, among other beneficiaries.

While composting contributes to both the local government’s climate agenda and adds to its revenue streams, Probolinggo stressed the need for a supporting regulatory framework. The city currently regulates the production and conducts regular laboratory tests to ensure high-quality fertilizer outputs.

Rahma Deta Antariksa, Head of Probolinggo Environmental Agency (left), explains Probolinggo’s climate action commitment to the delegates.

Rahma Deta Antariksa, Head of Probolinggo DLH, said that “Our programs prove that we are committed to climate action and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The city hopes that journalists can continue to bring attention to the best practices in local climate action. In disseminating news and information, as well as providing key analyses and commentaries on local development actions, journalists are able to bring the importance of climate action into public consciousness. Moreover, greater awareness on best practices can serve as inspiration to other local governments, accelerating efforts in the fight against climate change.

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