Indonesian cities train on climate and environmental data management and disclosure

Jakarta, Indonesia – ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Indonesia (ICLEI SEAS) held a virtual technical assistance on climate and environmental data reporting through the CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System 2020 on 10-11 August 2020 whichwas carried out as one of ICLEI Indonesia’s efforts with Indonesian local government in developing low-emission and climate-adaptive cities.

Twenty-one (21) representatives from Indonesian Environmental Agencies, the Local Development Planning Agencies, and the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources of different provincial, city, and regencies participated in the training. Project cities of Ambitious City Promises, Urban-LEDS II, 100% RE, as well as ICLEI member cities (Semarang and Jambi) and network cities (Probolingo, Blitar and Banda Aceh) were also present in the virtual training. The participants were introduced to the platform and were guided on the reporting requirements and processes for the 2020 reporting cycle. The local governments are expected to submit their data before 26 August 2020 to receive feedback from CDP and ICLEI.

Ms. Happy Tiara, Local Government Associate at ICLEI Indonesia, discussed with representatives how to identify opportunities drawn from the current climate situation of their cities.

In his opening speech, Mr. Ari Mochamad, the Country Manager of ICLEI Indonesia, conveyed that the CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System seeks to support and enhance city data disclosure to induce stronger collaborations between local and national governments and to deliver adaptation and mitigation actions.

The two-day training included an in-depth discussion of the major sections and content of the online reporting system, also referred to as the 2020 Questionnaire, which includes the following topics:

  • Governance and Data Management
  • Climate Hazard and Vulnerability
  • Adaptation
  • City-wide Emissions
  • Emission Reduction
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Food
  • Water
  • Opportunities

Twenty-one (21) provincial, city, and regency representatives were able to participate during the virtual training on climate and environmental data filling through the CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System 2020.

It is hoped that this technical assistance activity can increase regional participation in reporting data and activities related to local environmental sustainability and climate change to support the Indonesian government’s commitment to achieve the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by 29% from business-as-usual by 2030.

The CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System is a product of a collaboration between ICLEI and CDP to simplify how local and regional governments report and better enable them to track efforts to reduce GHG emissions and build resilience to climate change.

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