COP27 Highlights: News from the Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference

COP27 officially opens in Sharm el-Sheikh

[6 November 2022] The COP in Egypt aims to ensure the complete implementation of the Paris Agreement.

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary’s Opening Remarks

[7 November 2022] Mr. Simon Stiell, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), started his remarks by saying that “Paris gave us the agreement. Katowice and Glasgow gave us the plan. Sharm El-Sheikh shifts us to implementation.”

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry Announces Sharm-El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda 

[8 November 2022] Announced during one of the COP27 high-level events, the Sharm-El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda seeks to enhance the resilience of 4-billion people living in the world’s most climate-vulnerable areas by 2030.

It is the first comprehensive international plan that encourages both public and private actors to undertake 30 Adaptation Outcomes required by 2030 across various sectors, including food and agriculture, water and nature, oceans and coastal, human settlements and infrastructure systems, as well as the delivery of these across the key enablers of planning and finance.

Article 6.4 guidelines on removals set for recommendation; methodologies still pending

[9 November 2022] The Supervisory Body overseeing Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement has finalized its recommendations on carbon removals for consideration of the Parties. However, recommendations on requirements for methodologies has yet to be completed.

Article 6.4 of the Paris Agreement seeks to create a GHG emission reduction trading mechanism between countries under the supervision of the COP.

Scientists say we can only adapt so much to climate change

[10 November 2022] The 10 New Insights in Climate Science report from scientists around the world argue that the potential to adapt to climate change is not limitless. While adaptation actions are crucial to minimizing loss and damage from the climate crisis, mitigation efforts must be accelerated for the world to be able to keep up with the effects of climate change.

Launch of the Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP)

[14 November 2022] This partnership aims to support the commitment of 140 countries made during COP26 for sustainable land use, and for the conservation, protection, sustainable management, and restoration of forests, and other terrestrial ecosystems.

27 countries which make up 60% of global GDP and 33% of the world’s forests have already committed to the partnership and will facilitate action areas such as mobilizing public and donor finance to support implementation, supporting Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ initiatives, and incentivizing the conservation of high-integrity forests.

#Together4Transparency initiative launched

[14 November 2022] Former US Vice President Al Gore underscored the need for transparency and accountability in climate action, adding that “You can’t manage what you cannot measure.” This initiative will support the transition towards the Enhanced Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement.

First global stocktake moves closer to implementation

[14 November 2022] The second technical dialogue of the first global stocktake was successfully completed, with participants sharing their best-available science-based methods and assessments of mitigation, adaptation, implementation, as well as the gaps and barriers they have faced.  The stocktake is a key process in the implementation of the Paris Agreement and acceleration of climate action.

Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP) launched

[14 November 2022]  The Forest and Climate Leaders’ Partnership (FCLP) seeks to accelerate the implementation of a COP26 commitment from over 140 countries to stop the loss of forests and degradation of lands by 2030. 27 countries which represent over 60% of the world’s gross domestic product and 33% of the world’s forests have already joined the FCLP.

Joint work programme to promote climate tech in developing countries

[15 November 2022] High-level leaders from various governments, UN Environment Programme, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change has launched a new 5-year work programme to promote the adoption of climate technology solutions for mitigation and adapation efforts in developing countries.

Government ministers call for more ambitious climate action

[15 November 2022] In a high-level roundtable, government ministers collective called for the entire world to accelerate climate action, with many developing countries highlighting the need for further support and sustained access to climate finance. Most governments also agreed that the 1.5°C temperature limit should be the threshold.

Comprehensive summary of COP27 global climate action outcomes

[17 November 2022] The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions summarized pertinent announcements and initiatives during the two-week COP27. These include items on mitigation, adaptation finance, equity, and implementation.

Countries agree on “Loss and Damage” fund for climate-vulnerable countries

[20 November 2022] COP27 ended with countries agreeing to create a “loss and damage” funding for vulnerable countries hit hard by climate hazards, loss, and damages. A transitional committee is expected to recommend operationalization guidelines on funding agreements at CPO28 next year.


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