Indonesia Circular Economy Forum highlights circularity in accelerating local climate action

(in photo above) ICLEI Indonesia, represented by Project Officer for Circular Economy Nisa Nidasari, discusses local initiatives in circularity at the 5th Indonesia Circular Economy Forum.

How can local governments transition towards circular economies?

This was one of the key topics highlighted during the 5th Indonesia Circular Economy Forum (ICEF) 2022 held on 6 October 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, DKI Jakarta. 

ICLEI Indonesia, represented by Nisa Nidasari, Project Officer for Circular Economy, served as one of the panelists during the plenary session on “Harnessing the Production Efficiency of Industry in Indonesia.”

Specifically, the session tackled the importance of production efficiency for Indonesia’s industrial sector, as well as circular action plans from the industry and private sector.

“In Indonesia, despite the circular economy being a new concept to local governments, numerous local initiatives are already taking place in collaboration with local governments,” said Nidasari.

Circular economy principles are currently being implemented in some programs though sporadically and on a small scale. For example, there are local initiatives such as reutilizing unused patchwork fabric into valuable products; organic waste treatment using black soldier flies; turning used coffee grounds into fertilizers; reusable packaging; and redistribution of food surplus. 

“Circular economy is much more than just reducing waste. It is a holistic concept which includes reducing the use of natural resources and using resources for a long time,” Nidasari explained.

Nidasari also shared ICLEI’s collaboration with the Circle Economy to develop the Ganbatte platform, the first online platform providing key data insights and proven solutions on circular economy for more than 6,000 cities worldwide. 

“Cities can benefit greatly from implementing a circular economy. However, it can be difficult for cities to know where to start. Ganbatte provides an interactive online platform to help cities kick-start their circular journey. It has a Solution Explorer feature where the city can navigate through 50 ready-to-implement solutions, illustrated by 705 case studies from cities worldwide,” Nidasari concluded.

The Indonesia Circular Economy Forum (ICEF) brings together stakeholders active in the broad field of the circular economy in Indonesia. As a platform, it highlights cross-sector opportunities beyond sectoral considerations. As part of the platform, existing local, regional, and national initiatives are combined to support the implementation of circular economies.

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