SEA lacking climate change awareness, knowledge—Yale report

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication has released a new report describing the climate change beliefs, attitudes, policy preferences, and behaviors among Facebook users in 110 countries, territories, and geographic groups. Conducted in partnership with  Data for Good at Meta, the report includes responses from over 100,000 Facebook monthly active users ages 18 and above from 192 countries and territories worldwide.

The report paints a worrying picture of climate change communication in Southeast Asia. Majority of the region’s responses indicate that citizens are lacking climate change knowledge; citizens think that climate change is not caused by human activities; that climate change news and conversations are rare; and that climate change will not harm them personally.

On a positive note, when given the definition of climate change, Southeast Asia collectively thinks that climate change is real and is happening; that it is a threat over the next twenty years; and that climate action should be a government priority.

Access the report HERE.

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