ASEP-CELLs, ICLEI assist LGUs in renewable energy and energy efficiency project proposals

(in photo above) The participants of the EEC project proposal workshop series conducted by ASEP-CELLs and ICLEI SEAS.

The ASEP-CELLs and the ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Southeast Asia Secretariat (ICLEI SEAS) conducted a series of workshops and consultations with the Local Government Units of Santa Rosa City, Provincial Government of Bohol, and Cagayan De Oro City for the preparation of their respective energy related project proposals. Conducted throughout October 2021, these series of workshops are part of a comprehensive capacity development by the ASEP-CELLs project that aim to help its demonstration sites comply with RA 11285 or the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Act.

The workshop series started with a consultation session which saw ASEP-CELLs resource persons Dr. Lloyd Bautista of Ateneo School of Government and Dr. Michael Abundo of Nanyang Technological University gauging the needs of the LGUs with their proposals. The consultation also allowed the resource persons to better understand the priority programs, projects, and activities of the LGUs in the energy sector.

Specifically, the identified projects are: zero waste and waste-to-energy for Santa Rosa City; a programmatic approach of EEC implementation in the provincial capitol for Bohol Province; and public transportation EE technologies for Cagayan De Oro City.

To further help the LGUs prepare their identified project proposals, the consultation was followed with lectures and exercises on financial assessment and the project cycle. These activities included the preparation of the logical framework, a tool that encapsulates the objectives, activities and resources of a project.

Dr. Lloyd Bautista of the Ateneo School of Government providing feedback on the EEC project proposal of the Bohol Provincial Government.

The final set of workshops focused on refining the proposals of the LGUs. A presentation session provided the three with an avenue to practice their presentation skills, with the resource persons providing valuable feedback to further improve their project proposals.

Cities Development Initiative for Asia and the Development Bank of the Philippines attended the presentations as well. The two financial institutions provided additional guidance and inputs to the bankability and comprehensiveness of the project proposals.

Meanwhile, ICLEI SEAS shared information regarding the ICLEI Transformative Action Program, an initiative which can further help the LGUs’ project preparations. In addition to proposal refinement, TAP can help connect the LGUs to possible funding partners. ICLEI SEAS will also introduce the LGUs to the Energy Transition Partnership platform on its succeeding call for proposals on energy innovation projects.

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