Invitation to Bid: Community-Scale Solid Waste Management Technology in Bogor City, Indonesia

The Urban LEDS-II project requires the service of a community-scale solid waste management technology service provider to undertake detailed design, procurement of unit components and other materials, components, installation, testing, commissioning of a solid waste management technology, and capacity building training for the beneficiary community and the personnel-in-charge of operations and maintenance. The services rendered shall ensure that appropriate unit scale and installation are adopted with due consideration to factors such as the amount and type of collected solid waste, installation location, and the safety measures.

Scope of Work

The following activities will need to be undertaken in order to help meet the objectives of the project.

Detailed design and structural safety assessment

  • On-site assessment of the civil structure of the building where the community-scale solid waste management technology will be installed to take into account safe distance from and logistics of waste sources (i.e., from households, waste-disposal points, etc.).
  • Detailed engineering design and structural safety assessment of the proposed solid waste management technology
  • Providing composition analysis of final products from the laboratory (e.g., solid fuel, liquid fertilizer, compost, etc.) is preferable or advantageous.
  • Solid waste management technologies can be from outside of Indonesia with valid certification and test results, which can be implemented and operated by local engineering, procurement construction (EPC), who is licensed by the relevant Indonesian Government institution as well as proof that the spare parts are available locally.

Procurement of unit components and other materials, fabrication, set up and installation

  • The proposed solid waste management technology will handle 400 kg/day of waste from the beneficiary community
  • The proposed solid waste management technology will be installed in  Cipaku 3R-temporary landfill (or locally named TPS-3R), Bogor City
  • Procurement and fabrication of the proposed solid waste management technology including any other relevant components needed to ensure the facility’s operability and functionalities as well as provisions of technology spare parts and components
  • Facilitation of complete set-up and installation of the proposed solid waste management technology in the project site.

Testing and commissioning (including warranty period)

  • Monitoring and regular maintenance of the technology for at least three (3) months after completion of set-up and installation.
  • The service provider also assumes liability for the manufacturer warranties of the respective system components/parts.
  • Quality control inspection test and trial run shall be conducted with the oversight of a dedicated representative of the local government organization (ideally Environment Agency).

Capacity building training for the personnel in charge

  • Conduct capacity building training for personnel in charge of maintenance of facilities on proper use, maintenance of the technology, repairs and damage management, ensuring the facility’s overall optimum efficiency and life
  • Develop and handover operations manual for personnel in charge, outlining technical steps and guidance to operate, maintain, and repair the technology, and other relevant mechanisms required.
  • Establish coordination mechanisms (i.e., focal persons) to facilitate on-site and remote assistance in the operation and troubleshooting of the technology after installation and testing period.

Deliverables and time frames

A maximum of 4 (four) months is estimated to complete the deliverables as stated below. The following table lists the deliverables and their respective delivery date.


Indicative Timeline

  • Detailed engineering design and structural safety assessment
July – August 2021
  • Procurement of unit components and other materials, fabrication, set-up and installation
August – September 2021
  • Testing and commissioning
September – October 2021
  • Development and handover of operations manual and delivery of capacity building training for personnel-in-charge of operations and maintenance
October 2021

Proposal Requirements and General Conditions

The following information must be provided in the proposal:

  1. A detailed system design technical proposal taking into consideration the minimum requirements outlined in this Terms of Reference (ToR). The technical proposal must also provide descriptions of the system’s design specifications, approaches to achieve optimal waste reduction and co-benefits of end-products while maintaining environmental safeguards (e.g., pollution prevention).
  2. A work plan with the corresponding timeline and financial proposal/bid duly signed by the bidder.

The following information must be provided together in the proposal:

  • Letter of Interest;
  • Certified copy of valid business registration certificate with respective competency required for community-scale solid waste management technology system design and installation in Indonesia;
  • Certified copy of respective Value-added tax (VAT) registration certificate, and other relevant financial and registration documents required for the organization to operate in Indonesia.
  • A portfolio of projects previously undertaken including information on the Beneficiary, Capacity of Installation, Contract Value, Date of Commencement, Date of Commissioning, Contact Details (portfolio of similar projects are preferred).
  • Details of method, tools and equipment available to perform the work through considering the key indicators given in ToR.
  • A detailed CV of technical personnel to be engaged for this project.
  • The bidder shall produce original documents for cross verification as and when requested by ICLEI Indonesia Office and ICLEI Southeast Asia.

Download the full Terms of Reference HERE.

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