ICLEI Indonesia awards winners of ACP Energy Saving Competition

Jakarta, Indonesia – ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Indonesia, through the Ambitious City Promises (ACP) Program, marked the culmination of the  Energy Ambassador Pilot Project on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. The closing ceremony also saw the announcement of the winner of the Energy Saving Competition in DKI Jakarta Province.  ICLEI Indonesia implemented the project in collaboration with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta and with the assistance of consultants from the Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE).  

The activity started in October 2020 and has received high enthusiasm from 120 students and 24 accompanying teachers from 24 schools, including levels in DKI Jakarta Province. The participants received online capacity-building exercises tackling energy conservation and renewable energy. All of the participants also creatively applied the energy training materials they received through the development of action plans for the program’s Energy Saving competition. 

Some campaign posters produced by participants of the Energy Saving Competition in DKI Jakarta Province.

Ari Mochamad, Country Manager of ICLEI Indonesia said, “This program is proof that we can build the potential of young people to answer the challenges and contribute solutions towards climate problems. In teaching them energy efficiency, we can create a better atmosphere where green energy can further thrive.”  

Erick Hutrindo from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, as well as the head of the jury, said, “The next message is how to implement, innovate, and be consistent, as well as the enthusiasm to transmit energy-efficient characteristics in DKI Jakarta and Indonesia.”

Mr. Ali Mukodas, Head of the Curriculum Section of the Education Office, DKI Jakarta, thanked ICLEI for holding Energy Ambassador, saying “Participants can become role models, schools can also be motors of energy saving. No matter how small, we can do it for energy efficiency.”

Judging was carried out on November 30, December 7, and December 8, 2020 in Jakarta through online judging. The jury decided the winner based on predetermined criteria. The winners were the following:  1st winner was SDN Menteng 01, 2nd place was SDN Kebun Jeruk 01, and 3rd place was SDN Cijantung 03. The Best School for SMP level, 1st place was SMPN 75, 2nd place is SMPN 203 and the 3rd winner is SMPN 7. For the Best School for SMA / SMK level, 1st place is SMAN 95, 2nd place is SMKN 63 and 3rd winner is SMAN 1. The three winners from each selected school level will get prizes for solar panels to support teaching and learning activities about renewable energy in their respective schools.

Lavina Izzati Syahdan, SDN Menteng 01 Jakarta stated, “We hope this activity does not stop here, but continues and becomes our school program.” Gendis Hayu, SMP N 203 Jakarta, added, “I feel that this activity really adds to my knowledge about energy saving and adds skills in promoting energy-saving to others. Williams Tjong Kristianto, SMA N 65 Jakarta also said, “At first I didn’t really understand the importance of caring for the environment, but after being given the training I realized how important it is to protect the environment to prevent global warming.”

At this ceremony, ACP also introduced the Ikhtiar Jakarta Website platform to students and teachers participating in the Energy Ambassador. This online platform invites individual citizens—through their personal pledges—to actively commit and take concrete climate action as an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in DKI Jakarta.

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