Invitation to Bid: Solar Photovoltaic Service Provider: Installation of LED Solar Street Light Kits in Pakse City, Lao PDR

The Urban-LEDS II project requires the services of a solar photovoltaic technology service provider to undertake detailed engineering design, procurement of unit components and other materials, components, installation, testing, and commissioning of (i) LED solar street light kits, and (ii) capacity building training with the material (Dos and Don’ts list, Visual charts, etc.), Technical Handbook, O&M Manual for the beneficiary community and the personnel-in-charge of operations and maintenance (e.g., local governments of the Lao PDR, etc.). The services rendered shall ensure that appropriate unit scale and installation are adopted with due consideration to factors such as electricity demand, installation location, as well as alignment with available international and national standards.

  • Scope of work

 The following activities will need to be undertaken to help meet the objectives of the project.

Detailed engineering design and structural safety assessment

On-site assessment of the following:

  • Civil structure of the areas where the LED solar street light kits will be installed;
  • Assessment of the total electricity generation and consumption at the pilot sites vs. reduction potential;
  • Any LED solar lighting technology coming outside of the Lao PDR is required to provide a permit letter in terms of installing and operating the solar technology from the relevant Government institutions as well as proof that the spare parts are available locally.

Submit detailed engineering design for the installment of LED solar street light kits based on the results of the assessment for review and approval by ICLEI.

Procurement of unit components and other materials

*For the installation of new 20 sets of LED solar street light kits in total in Pakse City, on the Sanam Deng (the Red Square), Phonkung Village:

Procurement of smart solar street light set not limited to the following:

Item Minimum Technical specifications Brand
Pole Using the new poles with a height of 6m VKK
Solar panel Monocrystalline Silicon cell 18V 80W. Lifespan minimum 20 years Bluecarbon
Charge controller MPPT Solar charge controller 24V Bluecarbon
Battery Lithium battery 12V 36Ah Bluecarbon
LED power 50W Bluecarbon
Lumen 4500-5500LM
Charging time 6-7 hours
Discharge time Saving model: 3-5 rainy days
Lamp structure All aluminum lamp body, waterproof, rust proof, anti-corrosion
Lamp support arm Depends on the necessity of the proposed LED solar street light kits
Other Labour cost for installation + other accessories

Set up and installation

  • Installation of 20 Sets of LED solar street light kits on the Sanam Deng (the Red Square), Phonkung Village with pole = 6m high. Please note that the installation area is not made of concrete.
  • Supply of all equipment, construction, installation and removal (remove the existing lamp & Y arm to have available poles for a new LED solar kit).

Testing and commissioning (including warranty period)

  • Monitoring and regular maintenance for at least three (3) months after completion of set-up and installation.
  • The contractor will assume full liability for a 1-year performance guarantee after the signed acceptance report.
  • The contractor also assumes liability for the manufacturer warranties of the respective system components/parts which shall have no less than a minimum warranty period of 3 years for each component.

Capacity building training for personnel in charge

  • Conduct capacity building training for personnel-in-charge (city representatives) of maintenance of facilities on proper use and maintenance of the technology to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • Develop and handover the material (Dos and Don’ts list, Visual charts, etc.), Technical Handbook, O&M Manual.
  • Establish coordination mechanisms (i.e., focal persons) to facilitate on-site and remote assistance in the operation and troubleshooting of the technology after installation and testing period.

Deliverables and time frames

 A maximum of three (3) months is estimated to complete the deliverables as stated below. The following table lists the deliverables and their respective delivery date. The contractor will assume full liability for a one-year performance guarantee which shall cover removal, replacement, and/or repair of solar photovoltaic system components. The system components will have their own representative manufacturer warranties which shall maintain a minimum warranty period of three (3) years.

Deliverables Indicative Timeline
Detailed engineering design and structural safety assessment April/May 2021
Procurement of unit components and other materials May to June 2021
Set up and installation


July 2021
Testing and commissioning


July 2021
Development and handover of the material (Dos and Don’ts list, Visual charts, etc.), Technical Handbook, O&M Manual  

July to August 2021


Proposal Requirements

The following information must be provided in the proposal:

  1. A detailed system design technical proposal taking into consideration the minimum requirements outlined in this Terms of Reference (ToR). The technical proposal must also provide descriptions of the system’s design specifications, approaches to achieve conventional energy dependence reduction and less reliance on the national grid and co-benefits of end-products while maintaining environmental safeguards.
  2. A work plan with the corresponding timeline and financial proposal/bid duly signed by the bidder.
  3. A system performance of the solar energy initiatives to be implemented that represents the amount of cost savings from carrying out its operating activities based on the following factors: 1) Average solar irradiance across Lao PDR (average amount of sunlight received on a daily basis for the specified area) 2) cost of electricity projected. Additionally, the service provider should be able to show the projected return on investment (ROI) based on system cost, energy generated by the system, and the cost of traditional grid-connected electricity.

 The following information must be provided together in the proposal:

  • Letter of Interest;
  • Certified copy of valid business registration certificate with respective competency required for LED solar lighting system design and installation;
  • Certified copy of respective Value-added tax (VAT) registration certificate, and other relevant financial and registration documents required for the organization to operate in the Lao PDR;
  • A portfolio of similar projects previously undertaken including information on the Beneficiary, Capacity of Installation, Contract Value, Date of Commencement, Date of Commissioning, Contact Details;
  • Details of method, tools and equipment available to perform the work through considering the key indicators given in ToR;
  • Testing certificates for system components to showcase conformance to applicable international and national standards;
  • A detailed CV of technical personnel to be engaged for this project;
  • The bidder shall produce original documents for cross verification as and when requested by ICLEI Southeast Asia

Closing date for submission of proposals

 Kindly submit your system design proposal, work plan, and financial bid. As much as can be provided, certifications, and other supporting documents. Submissions should be made via e- mail to:

Ms. Keoduangchai Nouanphanthakoun ( and Ms. Kristianne Jemi Santos ( with a copy to until April 28th, 2021 (Wednesday), 18:00 (ICT).

For any queries related to submission, please contact via the email address above. The technology provider is expected to commence work in June 2021 at the latest.

 Download the full ToR here.

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