Consultancy: National Communications Expert (Indonesia)

Our Indonesia office is looking for a communications expert to provide suitable and sound communication strategies for the national kickoff event under the 100% Renewable Energy Project.

About the Consultancy

The project requires the services of a communication expert to provide suitable and sound communication strategies for the national Kickoff event under the 100% Renewable Energy Project. In particular, the service includes how to strategically design communications activities in order to successfully execute the 100% Renewable Energy’s National Kickoff Event.

Scope of Work

The following activities are required to be undertaken to help meet the objectives of the project.

Press Conference

  • Prepare, develop and execute content for press conference strategy for the National Kickoff Event

Press Release

  • Prepare and develop written content for the press release on the subject of the National Kickoff Event for the 100% Renewable Energy

Coordination with Media Organization

  • Prepare a media list, reach out to reporters covering the environmental beat, and ensure coverage of the event across different media platforms (TV, print, radio, Internet, and others)

Publicity Materials

  • Develop publicity materials to be used for the promotion and dissemination of the event


  • Lead the documentation of the event; take photos and videos, keep a detailed account of questions and discussions during the event

News Article and Activity Report

  • Prepare a newsbit to communicate the highlights of the event and develop an activity report capturing detailed discussions


The candidate for the post provides evidence of:

  • Demonstrated experience of working in communication activities for national and local actors in the context of NGO work, such as organizing a national-level event, press conference, activity launches, etc.
  • Demonstrated working experience with media organizations
  • Significant experience in engaging with the media for a press conference
  • Demonstrated ability to develop effective communication strategies for an event; and
  • At least 2-5 years of proven experience in managing communication activities preferably at the national level in Indonesia.

Additionally, advantageous criteria for prospective service providers include:

  • Prior work experience in communications and public relations;
  • A strong working relationship with media organizations in Indonesia
  • Flexibility and a shared vision for the project outcome and ability to work in a team

Reporting Requirements and Management

  • The expert will report to Mr. Bima Fitriandana, Project Officer for 100% Renewable Energy Project of Yayasan ICLEI Indonesia and will work closely with Achmad Rifdatul Hisan as the Project Assistant of the 100% Renewable Energy
  • The payment of the service provider will be contingent on the timely submission and acceptance of deliverables listed in this term of reference.

Requirements for the Proposal

The following information must be provided in the proposal:

  • A total budget/expected professional fee (based on a daily rate) and time frame per task corresponding with the required deliverables. This total quoted budget should already include taxes, transportation, communication, and contingency funds
  • A detailed CV with supporting documents
  • A portfolio of written projects including news articles, press releases, PR statements, and others
  • A portfolio of previous publicity work including banners, standees, fliers, brochures, and others

 The service provider may not subcontract other parties to assist them.

Application Process

Kindly submit your proposal and supporting documents via e-mail to no later than 10 October 2019. For any queries related to submission, please contact Yayasan ICLEI Indonesia via the email address above. The expert is expected to commence work by 14 October 2019.

Read the full ToR here.

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