Urban LEDS II Set to Launch in Lao PDR

Urban-LEDS II Project team – ICLEI Lao PDR and UN Habitat discussed low emission development with Kaysone Phomvihan City representatives including City Officer – Ms. Heather Robertson (sitting leftmost), UN-Habitat Consultant; Mr. Sommay Songvilay (sitting rightmost), Vice Governor of Kaysone Phomvihan City, Savannakhet Province; Mr.Sitha Songvilay (standing leftmost), Cabinet Director of the City Administration Office; Mr. Khamphou komthavisay (middle-left), Savannakhet PONRE Officer; Mr Phouvannasinh Phongsa (middle), ICLEI and Project Officer; Mr. Phonepaseuth Southivong (standing middle-right), Director of City Office of Natural Resources and Environment; and Mr. Sanchone (standing rightmost), Director of the City Office of Public Work and Transport

Vientiane Lao PDR- The Urban-LEDS II project is set to launch in Lao PDR early fourth quarter of this year. As a preparatory step of the launch,  ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Lao PDR and UN-Habitat project team conducted a series of meetings with relevant line ministries including the Natural Resources and Environment, Energy and Mines, Public Works and Transport, Agriculture and Forestry, and Industry and Commerce.

The project was also introduced to the provincial and city governments of model cities, Kayson and Pakse. These meetings supported the initial scoping mission conducted by ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat in January 2018. The activity also provided the project team with the better understanding of how climate change is integrated into the sectoral policies and strategies; roles and mandates of the sectoral-local governments contributing to the climate action as well as the update on the country’s NDC and MRV system.

At the local level, the Urban-LEDS II project team met with representatives from the Savannakhet and Champasak provinces as well as the high-level officers from the Kaysone Phomvihan and Pakse cities which expressed their appreciation and support to the project. Under Urban-LEDS II, these two model cities will receive support and guidance in developing and approving low emission development strategies, resulting in measurable GHG emission reductions and adaptation co-benefits. At least four to six satellite cities will benefit from capacity development opportunities and peer exchange with the model cities.

Urban-LEDS II Project team – ICLEI Lao PDR and UN Habitat visited Urban-LEDS II model city Pakse and discussed the project with the following city representatives: (from left to right) Mr. Sifong Siriphokham, Director of City Office of Natural resources and Environment; Ms. Thipphachanh Vongsena, Champasak PONRE; Mr. Phouvannasinh Phongsa, ICLEI and Project Officer; Ms. Heather Robertson, UN-Habitat Consultant; Mr. Phonevisay Nengchue, ICLEI and Project Officer; and Mr. Soulivanh Sawathasinh, Governor of Pakse City, Champasak Province

The project will also explore synergies with ongoing projects such as the ‘GMS – East West Economic Corridor Towns Development Project’ implemented in Savannakhet province is implementing a project and the ‘Pakse Urban Environment Improvement Project’ is being implemented in Champasak province. The former aims to improve and extend the city landfill in order to make it capable of the increase of urban areas and develop the city infrastructure whereas the latter focuses on city infrastructure development, particularly the development of the city drainage system, river embankments, waste management, and green areas.


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