COVID-19 Resources for Southeast Asian Local Governments

The COVID-19 global pandemic is taking its toll on the different aspects of our life. Especially in Southeast Asia, where COVID-19 cases are constantly increasing, local governments hold vital role in controlling the spread of the virus. Some Southeast Asian countries have varied approaches in addressing the crisis while some are struggling to contain its spread.

This dedicated page for Southeast Asian local governments aims to share tools, information, and resources on how other local and subnational governments respond to the ongoing pandemic. We realized that knowledge-sharing is important in fighting this pandemic and that local governments can learn from one another.


COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Southeast Asian TrackerThis page by the Center for Strategic & International Studies presents real time information about the situation of Southeast Asian countries including developments on national policies and responses.

COVID-19: Focus on cities and transport responses – Southeast Asia. With ICLEI SEAS’ input on the current situation of cities in Southeast Asia, particularly on mobility and transport, this article by EcoMobility provides an overview of how Southeast Asian countries are coping and responding in this global pandemic.


Guidance note for immediate responses to the COVID-19 recommended for local governments. The UN Capital Development Fund released this guidance note to provide local governments several immediate responses to the COVID-19 which focused on implementable approaches within days and weeks.

Compiled COVID-19 Resources. This page by ICLEI features a compilation of resources that can be useful and inspiring to its network of over 1,750 local governments.

How to communicate effectively to the public during COVID-19. Apolitical hosted an online workshop on effective communication to the public during a pandemic like COVID-19 and talks about approaches in communicating and improving trust in messages around COVID-19.

Collecting Open Government Approaches to COVID-19. Open Government Partnership created a space for the community to share open government approaches to tackling the COVID-19 crisis.

LGU vs COVID PH: COVID-19 Response Portal Philippines. This portal is designed to provide local government officials and staff with updates, innovations, and best practices on COVID-19 response in the Philippines.

Local Government Approaches

How COVID-19 is affecting the work of local government sustainability officers. An article by ICLEI which solicited different perspectives from sustainability officers on how to cope with the global pandemic.

COVID-19: Coping, Learning and Building Resilience. This webinar held last 3 April 2020 by ICLEI featured city resilience stories on responding to a global pandemic.

Local Government Responses around the globe. The UNCDF gathered mechanisms and approaches that local governments are taking around the world to respond to COVID-19 especially on the salient issue of funding.

COVID-19 and the power of agile procurement. This article by Apolitical looks at the perspective of local government procurement as a powerful tool in fighting the pandemic.

Vietnam’s Low-Cost COVID-19 Strategy. The ASEAN Post shares how Vietnam’s effective and efficient handling of the COVID-19 crisis through communication and coordination of various stakeholders.

#CULTUREcovid19 The cultural mobilization of cities and local governments in the COVID-19 crisis. Follow this page by the United Cities and Local Governments to serve as resource bank for cities and local governments who are struggling to guarantee cultural rights for all.

Responding to COVID-19 in global south cities. The article from C40’s Knowledge Hub features biggest COVID-19 response challenges raised by mayors of global south cities.

Gendered Approach to Local COVID Management in the Philippines. Men and women are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic differently especially in developing countries like the Philippines. The Center for Local and Regional Governance listed gendered impacts of COVID-19 and approaches that local and regional governments can undertake.


Other resources

Impact of COVID-19 to women. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres walks us through the effects of COVID-19 to women worldwide and why they should be at the center of efforts to recover from the crisis.

Navigating COVID-19 in Asia and the Pacific. This book published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) gathers analysis and ideas to help policy makers tackle the impacts of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and build a more resilient and sustainable future.


Help our Southeast Asian local governments fight COVID-19

ICLEI SEAS is committed in providing assistance to local governments in their battle against this global pandemic. As a response, we are assessing donation needs of local governments and providing assistance on information dissemination.

If you wish to help our local governments, refer to the contact details and other information provided below.

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