Online Course: Foundations of Water Stewardship

The International Water Centre is now accepting participants to the Foundations of Water Stewardship online course. The four-week course aims to equip participants with the knowledge required to implement and promote water stewardship. Participants who complete the course can gain a certification from the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS).

The course begins on May 24, 2018 and will be delivered by Declan Hearne and Pablo Orams.

Benefits to participants

After successfully completing this course, participants will gain international accreditation from AWS in Water Stewardship, and deepen their understanding of:

  • How water stewardship can be situated within an overall suite of policy options for water management and contribute to organizational goals
  • Key elements of stewardship systems and how elements are implemented in the AWS water stewardship system
  • The range of risk and conformity tools that can support water stewardship
  • How water stewardship is being applied in different contexts around the world
  • How to work through the process of becoming a water steward and use the AWS Standard

For more information, visit International Water Centre’s website. 

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