Terms of Reference for Solar Photovoltaic Service Provider: 20 kWp Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System (Vietnam)

Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Service Provider

The project requires the services of a solar photovoltaic technology service provider to undertake detailed engineering design, structural safety assessment, procurement of unit components and other materials, logistics, set up and installation, civil works to mount frames structure for the PV panels, erection, testing and commissioning of a 20 kWp rooftop solar photovoltaic system connected and interacting with the conventional electrical grid with a bi-directional metering facility, and capacity building training for personnel in charge of operations and maintenance of the ward.  In addition, the service provider should have consultations with relevant local stakeholders (e.g. building manager, city government representatives, ward representatives). Note: The 20 kWp is the maximum energy generation reference for the aforementioned rooftop area.

Scope of Work

The following activities will need to be undertaken in order to help meet the objectives of the project.

Detailed engineering design and structural safety assessment

  • On-site assessment of the following:
    • Civil structure of the building and rooftop
    • GHI/sun path tracking/shading analysis
    • Energy modelling and simulation of the 20 kWp Solar PV system.
    • Assessment of the grid infrastructure and building connection with net- metering system
  • Recommend solutions suitable to the current conditions with due consideration on high system efficiency and stability of connection to the grid.
  • Refer to Annex II for more details
  • Submit detailed engineering design for the 20 kWp Solar PV based on the results of the assessment for review and approval by ICLEI.

Procurement of unit components and other materials

  • Procurement of solar equipment for the capacity of 20 kWp not limited to the following:
    • Solar panels○ Inverters
    • AC-DC or DC-DC converters
    • Charge and control boxes
    • Balance of the System (BOS) (panel frame structure, nuts and bolts, cables and wires)
    • Security measures (anti-theft bolts)
    • Iron frame
    • Wires, smart devices, and connections to the national electricity network.
    • Any other relevant components that is needed

Set up and installation

  • Construction of frames and brackets. Installation of solar photovoltaic system, based on the final and approved design.
  • Integrate intelligent monitoring system

Testing and commissioning (including warranty period)

  • 24/7 monitoring and regular maintenance for the first 7 working days after completion
  • The contractor will assume full liability for a 25-year performance guarantee. Contractor also assumes liability for the manufacturer warranties of the respective system components/parts which shall have no less than a minimum warranty period of 5 years for each component except for the solar panels which shall have a minimum warranty period of 10 years.

Capacity building training for personnel in charge

  • Conduct capacity building training for personnel (ward officers) in charge of maintenance of buildings and facilities on proper use and maintenance of the technology to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • Develop and handover operations manual for personnel in charge.
  • Establish coordination mechanisms (i.e. focal persons) to facilitate on-site and remote assistance in the operation and troubleshooting of the technology after installation and testing period.

Service Provider Eligibility

The successful service provider must provide evidence of:

  • Eligible solar photovoltaic (SPV) system service provider, in conformation to relevant national/international standards and regulations;
  • Necessary documentation of accreditation from relevant government authorities for the installation of SPV system in Vietnam;
  • Prior experience in completed supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and handing over of at least 20 kWp solar PV system in a single order and operational for at least 2 years till the date of application for this project;
  • Use of environment-friendly, cost-effective, and genuine equipment and materials from reputable equipment/component suppliers that conform with available and appropriate national and international standards; and
  • Safety construction solutions and overall aesthetics consideration in the design and implementation.

Additionally, advantageous criteria for prospective service providers include:

  • Prior work experience in Hanoi City;
  • Flexibility and a shared vision for the project outcome are essential, since the work willbe undertaken in close cooperation with project team members;
  • Translation/annotation of submitted prequalification documents in English, if such documents are strictly in Tiếng Việt;
  • Appointed representative who shall communicate with ICLEI in English

Proposal Requirements, General Conditions and Procurement Process

Prequalification Documents

The following information must be provided together with the Letter of Interest:

  • Certified copy of valid business registration certificate with respective competency required for solar PV system design and installation;
  • Certified copy of respective Value-added tax (VAT) registration certificate, and other relevant financial and registration documents required for the organization to operate in Vietnam;
  • A portfolio of similar projects previously undertaken including information on the Beneficiary, Capacity of Installation, Contract Value, Date of Commencement, Date of Commissioning, Contact Details.
  • Details of tools, tackles, machinery available to perform the work.
  • Testing certificates for system components to showcase conformance to applicable international and national standards (VSQI or MOIT).4
  • A detailed CV and proof of certification (i.e. certified technician) of technical personnel to be engaged for this project.
  • The bidder shall produce original documents for cross verification as and when requested by ICLEI Southeast Asia.

Procurement Process

The following information shall serve as guidance for prospective bidders:

  • Based on the prequalification documents listed in 4.1, prospective bidders will be shortlisted and will be requested by ICLEI to visit the site after which they shall submit the following documents within seven (7) days from aforementioned site visit:
    • A detailed system design technical proposal taking into consideration the minimum requirements outlined in this Terms of Reference (ToR)
    • A work plan with corresponding timeline and financial proposal/bid duly signed by the bidder.
  • The shortlisted bidders are expected to study the existing loads and carry out a concise energy audit to arrive at a recommended capacity of PV system and submit an initial design report which will ensure appropriate system sizing and selection of system components such as solar panels, BMS, inverters, etc. The decision on the capacity of system to be installed will be taken in consultation with City Government of Hanoi Officials, Cau Giay District Officials, and ICLEI. The ICLEI project team in Hanoi will assist in necessary permissions and access to the sites.
  • The submitted system design proposal, work plan and financial bid, together with the prequalification documents, shall be the basis for the overall evaluation of proposals and bids and subsequently the selection of the preferred/winning bidder.
  • The selected bidder shall submit a revised detailed work plan (if necessary) while submitting the initial system design report which gives details about the procurement of system components and the installation.

Closing Date for Submission of Proposals

Kindly submit your system design proposal, work plan and financial bid in English. As much as can be provided, certifications and other supporting documents should likewise be submitted in English. Submissions should be made via e-mail to Mr. Alfredo Bernarte Jr. <al.bernarte@iclei.org> and Ms. Hoang Thi Huong Giang <giang.hoang@iclei.org> before 04:00 PM (Vietnamese hours) on 21 August 2020. For any queries related to submission, please contact via the e-mail address above or ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat at +843 99 033 866. The consultant is expected to commence work in 07 September 2020.

Please read the full terms of reference here.

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