Municipal Climate Partnerships

The Municipal Climate Partnerships project is currently in its 5th phase. It has set itself the target of strengthening partnerships between municipalities in Germany and municipalities in the Southeast Asia that tackles issues of climate change adaptation and mitigation and development of a Joint Programme of Action. It is implemented by Engagement Global / Service Agency Communities in One World in cooperation with the German North Rhine – Westphalia Working Party on Agenda 21 (LAG 21 NRW). Partner municipalities from Germany and Southeast Asia are the following:

· Hoi An, Vietnam – Wernigerode, Germany
· District of Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam – Bezirk Lichtenberg, Germany
· Dumangas, Philippines – Herdecke, Germany
· Lubang, Philippines – Ebhausen, Germany
· Science City of Muñoz, Philippines – University Town of Marburg, Germany

ICLEI SEAS is the local partner in the Philippines.

Funding Institution: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Main Implementing Agency: Engagement Global / Service Agency Communities in One World and ICLEI SEAS

Project Period: March 2016 – present

Status: Ongoing

Project Sites: Philippines (Lubang, Science City of Muñoz, Dumangas), Vietnam (Hoi An, District of Hoan Kiem, )