Building Energy Efficiency Accelerator (BEA)

About the Project:

The Building Energy Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) assists sub-national governments in speeding up the process of adoption of best-practice policies and implementation of building efficiency projects, with the goal of doubling the rate of energy efficiency improvement in the building sector by 2030. The BEA global partnership is designed to complement existing networks of cities with a venue for engagement with private sector partners. The BEA process of engagement in a city includes support for: Assessing and prioritizing locally-appropriate policies and actions Implementing actions, through matching needs with expertise, resources and tools Tracking action and documenting progress, and sharing lessons learned BEA engages with cities through a menu of policy options and key actions based on the needs of the city and the activities that the partnership can provide in each location. Cities will prioritize policies and activities, and the partnership will connect them to resources and engagement around those priorities.

Funding Institution: World Resources Institute

Project Period: May 30 2016-September 30 2017

Status: Ongoing

Project Sites: Da Nang (Vietnam), Iskandar Regional Development Authority (Malaysia), Mandaluyong (Philippines), Pasig (Philippines), Santa Rosa (Philippines), Science City of Munoz (Philippines)

Project Website: Building Efficiency Accelerator

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