Indonesian cities join One Planet City Challenge 2019

Jakarta, Indonesia – Yayasan ICLEI-Local Governments Indonesia in partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)- Indonesia launched this year’s One Planet City Challenge (OPCC) in a national workshop held on 3 – 5 July, 2019 at Ibis Amaris Hotel, Jakarta. At least 30 participants representing local governments spent three days sharing knowledge and ideas in developing local climate change mitigation and adaptation actions. The participants also received technical assistance in the filling out of ICLEI-CDP Joint Platform Climate Reporting. In the context of OPCC, participating cities are required to submit their reports through the platform in order to be considered as official competitors.

“Over the past 20 years, level of urbanization has continued to grow especially in developing countries. This phenomenon has a positive and negative impacts on the urban environment”, said Zulfira Warta, Climate and Energy Program Manager WWF Indonesia.

“Population growth can catalyze the increase of energy consumption, the amount of urban waste and greenhouse gas emissions.” These are some reasons why WWF created the OPCC. We would like to encourage the spirits of cities in combating negative impacts to climate change,” he further noted.

Since first participating in the OPCC (formerly known as the Earth Hour City Challenge/EHCC), Indonesia recorded quite a proud achievement. In 2014, Semarang city was chosen as National Earth Hour Capital, followed by DKI Jakarta province which earned the title three times in a row in 2015, 2016 and 2018. In 2015, Balikpapan became the winner of the global citizen engagement campaign, We Love Cities, followed by Bogor City in 2016 and DKI Jakarta in 2018.

The success story of these cities is expected to inspire other cities in mainstreaming climate change issues in a low emission development plan. “Each city in Indonesia has a different approach to support climate action. Because each city has its own unique characteristics — it must be highlighted as interesting points in this year’s OPCC competition”, added Mr. Selamet Dayroni, Project Officer, Yayasan ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability-Indonesia.

Participants of this workshop were technical staff from cities’ Environment Agency and Local Development Planning Agency including Urban-LEDS cities (Balikpapan, Bogor, Bontang, Tarakan, Tangerang Selatan, and Kabupaten Bogor); Ambitious City Promises cities (DKI Jakarta province, Bekasi and Tangerang), as well as ICLEI’s member and network cities.

At the end of the workshop, Ms. Gina Karina, Country Manager of Yayasan ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability Indonesia noted that the coordination between local government organizations is essential in the process of collecting data and information for the climate reporting platform. “We highly appreciate the efforts and commitment of Indonesian cities to be part in tackling climate change through this challenge”, she said.

The OPCC is a WWF initiative to mobilize climate and sustainability action in cities, while simultaneously voicing support for existing actions, in the global transition towards a climate-friendly, one-planet future. For the 2019 round, OPCC has a thematic focus on renewable energy and/or energy efficiency.

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