ICLEI SEAS supports GHG management planning of Zamboanga and Tagbilaran

Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President Marleta Gasatan presents the existing and planned and proposed LED initiatives of Tagbilaran. 

Tagbilaran, Philippines – Zamboanga City and Tagbilaran City, in coordination with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability Southeast Asia Secretariat (ICLEI SEAS), organized a capacity building workshop on  27 May and 4 June respectively, which aimed to assist both cities in developing their Greenhouse Gas Management Plan.

The activity is part of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity (SURGE). Through USAID SURGE, ICLEI SEAS is also providing technical assistance to the cities of General Santos, Zamboanga and Legazpi in developing their GHG Management Plan.

Identifying solutions and actions towards low emission development

Twenty-three participants from the City Government of Tagbilaran, Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Department of Education participated in the workshop. The activity involved identifying of existing low emission development initiatives such as making use of energy-efficient bulb for street lights and proposed LED initiatives, for example, providing safe sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

Participants committed to pursue inclusive and multistakeholder local climate actions to help curb the GHG emissions of Tagbilaran City.

“The GHG Management Planning Workshop is informative, enlightening and motivational” according to Ms. Teofilita Tayona, Development Manager Officer II of the City Planning and Development Office.

ICLEI SEAS also facilitated the review of LEDS-related policies, programs, projects and activities identified from the Tagbilaran local development plans such as the Comprehensive Development Plan and the Local Development Investment Plan. Likewise, ICLEI SEAS introduced the USAID Clean Energy Emission Reduction (CLEER) Tool, a web-based calculator that estimates and projects  GHG emissions from existing and planned clean energy interventions. The CLEER Tool helps local governments to develop the GHG Management Plan by identifying the GHG impacts of clean energy projects or policies.

A similar visit was also done in Zamboanga City on 27 May. Thirty-four participants, mostly from the city government and regional offices of national government agencies participated in the workshop.

The LED initiatives identified for Zamboanga were: strengthening policies to promote renewable energy technologies and implementing a reforestation and tree planting programs. These initiatives were based on the Policies, Program, Projects and Activities (PPPAs) indicated in the Zamboanga City’s local development plans. The Zamboanga City Government is expected to provide an updated list of proposed, planned and existing LED initiatives especially for the energy sector for an in-depth CLEER Tool workshop.

“As a gateway and emerging city in Western Mindanao, developing our GHG Management Plan is crucial for the City’s balanced growth. It will also help us better governed our resources as we faced an increasing population and rapid urbanization”, Statistician from the Zamboanga City Planning and Development Office,  Ms. Fatima Dacalan, shared.

Another visit would be held in cities of Zamboanga and Tagbilaran during the third and fourth week of July to conduct a building energy audit, a capacity building activity on the use of the CLEER tool,  and a writeshop to assist the city in preparing their GHG Management Plan.

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