Makati City conducts Business Resilience Forum

The City Government of Makati, with its partners for economic and business resilience, conducted this forum aimed at building the
resilience of the MSMEs by sharing the city’s risk information and sharing the various initiatives of the government and the private sector in building business resilience.

The Makati DRRMO provided an overview of the hazards present in the city, its possible impacts to the city and how businesses can be
affected by these hazards. Consequently, the city also shared its initiatives in ensuring that its constituents and properties will be protected and how it helps businesses to strengthen its organization for business continuity.

The Department of Trade and Industry has also shared data and information to highlight the contribution of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to the country’s economy. Moreover, it is important that MSMEs protect its operations against disasters. The Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation presented the specific disaster impacts to businesses and the importance of business continuity. They also provided an overview of how businesses respective of sizes can strengthen its organization against disasters.

The Forum was participated by 111 participants from various types of business establishments, such as Banking and Finance-related Businesses; General Merchandise; Convenience Store; and Services.

A mini-workshop was held to identify their priorities and their concerns when it comes to disaster resilience. In the activity conducted, MSMEs expressed that they would like to prioritize the following activities:

  • Digitalization of disaster information
  • Conduct of business continuity and DRRM trainings
  • Promoting microinsurance
  • Allocating funds for DRRM intervention for MSMEs

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