Promoting Peer-to-Peer Learning Between Cities of Germany and Philippines: The Municipal Climate Partnerships Project

The Municipal Climate Partnerships Project is currently in its fifth phase which involves partnerships between German and Southeast Asian municipalities. It implemented by the Service Agency Communities in One World of Engagement Global in cooperation with the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Agenda 21 NRW e.V. (LAG 21 NRW) and funded by the Federal Ministry for the Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat is the partner organization in the Philippines; three of its members are participating in the project, namely:  Municipality of Lubang, Municipality of Dumangas and the Science City of Muñoz.

Exploring entry points of partnership

Attendees to the Second Conference of Municipal Partnerships in Asia discussed learnings and experience of partner municipalities and the significance of continuing cooperation of all parties.

On June 19-21, old and new municipal partners converged in Bonn, Germany to talk about the significance of continuing climate partnerships between municipalities in Germany and in Asia. The activity delved on sharing favorable and adverse experiences from different partnerships.

The conference explored entry points of partnership from the joint projects and activities implemented in Asian municipalities to extending knowledge in maximizing the roles of citizens and other topics like gender equality, climate and environment, sustainable mobility, education and SDGs. As these activities need financial support, several funding instruments offered by the Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW) was presented.

Asian municipalities who were present at the conference are Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Chatra, India; Jakarta, Padang and Bandung, Indonesia; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; and Dumangas, Philippines.

Municipality of Dumangas visits partner municipality, Herdecke 

Mayor Ronaldo Golez of Dumangas, Iloilo, led the municipality’s second delegation visit to Herdecke, Germany.

On June 22-28,  the Municipality of Dumangas represented by Hon. Ronaldo Golez, Municipal Mayor; Hon. Ian Dolutan II, Municipal Vice Mayor; Mr. Eugenio Decastillo, Jr., Municipal Agriculturist; and Ms. Flosel Almirante, Dumangas Municipal Climate Partnership Coordinator, proceeded to the City of Herdecke, Germany for their second delegation visit to the city under the project.

The visit aimed to finalize the joint action program on climate change adaptation and mitigation.The action program is set to prioritize short, medium, and long term activities with focus on renewable energy, agricultural production and consumption, environmental education in schools, and renaturation of river flow including flood protection and biodiversity conservation. The identified kick off project is the installation of 15 solar powered pumps in strategic farming locations in Dumangas.

Further, the Municipality of Dumangas, Philippines and the City of Herdecke, Germany entered a “Treaty of Sisterhood” signed by Mayors Hon. Ronaldo Golez and Dr. Katja Strauss-Köster, respectively. The treaty binds both localities in a pact of friendship, understanding, and cooperation to uplift the lives of their people through a successful engagement on long-term climate change mitigation and adaptation activities.

Delegation Visit of the University Town of Marburg to the Science City of Muñoz

The weeklong reciprocal visit by the delegates of University Town of Marburg, Germany to the Science City of Muñoz happened last 10 to 14 July 2017.

Several activities involving the community were organized including simultaneous clean-ups, tree planting, medical missions and site visits at the flood prone and critical areas in the city.

The delegation visit of Marburg explored the social context and realities in Muñoz to see issues that need to be addressed or supported. Priority areas identified for the partnership include flood protection, renewable energy, and education campaign on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Detailed activities for each priority areas were also formulated. These activities will be further reviewed by both parties.

The Science City of Muñoz will then visit the University Town of Marburg to finalize their joint program of action in November 2017.

In February 2018, the final joint program of action by all partnerships involved in the 5th phase of the Municipal Climate Partnerships project will be presented in Berlin, Germany.

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